Location – Mardin, Turkey

Dates – 11th to 13th May, 2018

Status – Confirmed

The picturesque location of Mardin, Turkey will be hosting the 2nd stop of the World Parkour Championship this May.  This event will be live-streamed globally.

You can expect to see the top athletes in the World compete during this WPC event.


Mohammed Eid 36.36 with a .5 sec. Penalty added

1st Erik Mukhametshin 25.06
2nd Joey Adrian 25.32
3rd Enes Kesim Tekgul 26.67 with a .5 Sec. Penalty added
Daer Sanchez 26.69
Sean Higgins 26.76
Ashkam Yazdanimer 27.02
Hamed Moradi 28.80
Baris Erdogan 29.24
Samli Bilal 29.68
Sadettin Eryigit 30.86
Alex Weg 31.16
Jabr Asmew 31.52
Abolfazl Najafi 31.88
Mohammad Moradi 32.10 with a 10 Sec. penalty added
Eman Ghalami 32.84
Bart Linden 36.33 with a 10 Sec. penalty added
Berkley Yunus Kaplon 37.94 with a 11 Sec. Penalty added
Martial Smith 39.19
Hichem Naami 39.99
Ziad Karam 40.39 with a 11 Sec. Penalty added
Hassan Nasrallah 41.01 with a 10.5 Sec. Penalty added
Farshadad Biglari 47.59 with a 1.5 sec. penalty added
Niloofar Mogaddam 1.28.12
Tavon Micvay Didn’t finish

Best skills

1st Ilia Movahad with the roll to roll bomb
2nd Ashkan Yazdammimehr with the Front flip 1 and 3/4 to roll
3rd Erik Mukhametshin with his standing gainer to pre


1st Erik Mukhamestshin 47
2nd Kirya Kolesnikov 46.5
3rd Joey Adrian 45.5
4th Nick Provost 41
5th Ashkan Yazdamimehr 40.5
6th Daer Sanchez 38.5
7th Mohammed Moradi 38.5
8th Hamed Moradi 37.5
Sean Higgins 36.5
Baris Erdogan 36.5
Ilia Movahad 36
Ziad Karaam 32.5
Farshad Mohammedian 30.5
Berkay Yunus Koplan 19.5