Rule Book

It is important for all athletes and spectators alike to understand the RuleBook.


Judging Criteria.

Firstly, the World Parkour Championships adheres to the judging criteria of the International Parkour Federation set out below:


General Athlete considerations.

  • All athletes, without exception, will be expected to wear the WPC competitive T Shirt during competition and media asset acquisition.
  • All athletes must arrive on time for registration. (Late registrations will not be permitted).
  • All athletes agree to the general sponsor obligations detailed for each event.
  • All athletes are expected to be a positive ambassador for the Sport of Parkour and understand that the eyes of the world are on them at the World Parkour Championships.
    • Bad sportsmanship and poor behaviour will not be tolerated.


In the instance of an event being cancelled due to forces of natural cause e.g. weather. All athletes will be permitted a full refund on any registration sign up fees.


Competition Format

SPEED: Pure Parkour!
A to B timed race through a target based course.
Fastest times determine the Winner.

ALIVE AFTER 5: “Alive After 5” elimination round.
5 competitors in each 3 minute heat battling it out on the course; “jam-style” showing their best tricks and creative lines with only 2 competitors moving on within each heat.

SKILLS ROUND: Using designated set-ups for vaults, drops, bars and wall, each competitor will throw one skill at each obstacle.
Highest combined scores move on to the Freestyle Finals Round.

This round also gives the opportunity to win the Sickest Trick Award!

FREESTYLE FINALS: A 90 second anything-goes throw-down of the top athletes’ best skills and combinations, judged on flow, versatility, difficulty, and execution.


********PLEASE NOTE********

All participants 18 years of age or older must sign a liability waiver (see application/registration link below).

All participants in Competition and/or Jam UNDER 18 (see application/registration link below) years of age must have a liability waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. If you are under 18 and you show up at the event without having pre-registered with a signed waiver and don’t have a parent present to sign in person, then you will be denied entry to compete, without exception and without refund. Accompanying parent must have a valid form of government issued ID. A “legal guardian” must have physical proof of their status, such as “power of attorney” or court order.